"Butterflies" / "Been Down This Road" Release

We were happy to release our next two part single, “Been Down This Road” and “Butterflies”, this Valentine’s Day.

Recorded at Nashville’s Blackbird Studio, “Butterflies” and “Been Down This Road” visit the end and the beginning of love. These songs are more in the folk vein than our previous recordings and we thought that now was the perfect time to get them out there.

“Been Down This Road” chronicles the need to move on from a relationship with Alex McCollough’s pedal steel pulling the protagonist further down the road. While “Butterflies” visits the budding of a new romance with John Beck’s mandolin licks spurring on the flames. Both songs feature Brian McClure's high harmonies n' fiddle as well as Kazuri Arai on piano, Austin Lauritsen on drums and Sam West on upright bass.

Last year we released “Eye On The Prize (Parts 1 & 2)”, but we also recorded a lot of new material that we are looking forward to getting out over the course of the year. So stay tuned!