Album Complete!

I am proud to announce the completion of my record! We debuted it September 19th at the Exit/In and had a grand old time. Thanks to everyone for coming out, I really appreciate it. The songs span a number of years and kind of tidy up my past musical misadventures. "Self-Loathing Blues" and "Drinking On The Job" date back to 2007 and were recorded by Tim Berry with the ADTCL in Lowell; we re-recorded them but just couldn't match the energy and vibe of the first recordings! Many thanks to Mike Golubitsky, Tyler Kingsland,  Dave Lowenthal, Mike Riley, and Matt Zimmern. Playing with you guys was my musical education. I'd like to thank Leland Elliott for engineering the majority of the recordings at Blackbird. Without him I would have been reduced to recording with two tracks and a Radioshack mic!  Mike Rooney graciously tracked overdubs and added his tasty licks to "Word With Your Man". Chad Gosselin elicited a sweet cry from his pedal steel on "Too Late"; check out his EP, An Uncelebrated Homecoming. Vanessa Barbee did the impossible and harmonized with me on "Too Late", "She Don't Mind" & "Probably Not". Josh Rongisch sang a wonderful harmony with Vanessa on "Probably Not"; check out his band Harlott for some real hard rock. Mike Gutierrez carressed Cornilius Bumpus licks galore from his tenor sax on "Further From The Truth", "Won't Stand" & "Gesundheit". Good bud, Brian Dowd, A.K.A. Dr. Drum and the Alien Drummer added is percussive skills to "Gesundheit".

Lastly, this album would not have turned out half as well as it did without Brendan Leahy. He plays drums on every track, and moved here for eight month over which time we recorded this record. You can't put a value on playing music with someone for so many years that you know that the other person's language.

Engineer Mark Petaccia did an awesome job mixing the record and was a great help with soundboard for production elements. Alex McCollough of Yes Master was awesome and ensured that the album sounds nothing like St. Anger in mastering terms!

You can stream the whole record here, and download of the track "Won't Stand" in return for signing up for my e-list. It is up for sale at iTunes: Physical copies can be bought at my store or through cdbaby.

Time to start the next one!