How long should music take?

It feels like I've been treading water and finally drifted to shore. It may very well be a desert island, but right now I feel relieved. Doing things "independently" does not really allow you to do it the traditional way; not that there is a tradition these days. You need to take the reigns, but also wait for the right opportunities. I think we'd all prefer just to say something and move on yet it's not that easy sometimes. Some of my favorite artists wrote, recorded and progressed at lightning speed; Dylan and Neil Young. While others polished their shoes for years before they finally put them on and even longer before they took them outside for a stroll; Steely Dan.

The past decade's business model has been to release an album and gradually release singles off of it despite the fact that it had been out three years. Tour on the record until the well runs dry and then start the whole process over again.

But now we are truly back to the sixties. It is a singles market. We no longer have to buy a whole album to have one good song. You need to release at least once year if you want to continue to have a voice, and it better be good.

I'm just glad to almost be there. In the end you need to take your time if you are going to do it right. Time is relative.