I'm Not Buying Exile Again

I must admit I'm tempted, but do we really need all the table scraps? Mastering is a moot point as they remastered the whole Stones catalog a few years back for their 40th anniversary. It'd be fun, but would I drag the out takes onto my iPod? Who's Next did not make the cut nor did Thriller or Off The Wall's vault offerings. The problem is that these are albums in every sense. They have more than one good song. Even the weaker songs are the glue that binds them together and serve to establish the overall vibe. When I want to listen to Off The Wall I want to burn the disco out not listen to Quincy Jones reminisce or MJ's sparse bathroom demos.

I am going to see Phish in 3D this Sunday. Much of the performance is culled from their recreation of Exile at a concert this past Halloween. Phish nostalgia, 3D curiosity and Sharon Jones are my main reasons for going but it really goes against why I moved on from Phish and ultimately why I will not buy the reissue.

Why listen to Phish cover something when I can listen to the real thing? Why listen to an updated album when I can listen to a record that has stood the test of time on its own two feet?